Meet SCT: Mandy

If you’ve called Specialized Cleaning Technologies, chances are you’ve talked with Mandy. Cheerful, bubbly, sassy Mandy. But don’t let the sweetness fool you – Mandy means business. With a job-description that spans a few pages, Mandy’s got more than telephones to keep track of. One of her myriad duties is being Lala’s personal assistant; now that’s a full-time job in itself!

Mandy – the Stats

Years with SCT: 3
Position: Receptionist/Office-Manger/Personal-Assistant
What she likes most about working for SCT: I love my job because I work with family! Who can honestly say they love to go to work every day.. I can. We have great memories with each and every one of us and there is never a dull moment working here. I love that I can help someone even in the worse situations. And I love getting to know our customers on a friendly basis. One of my favorite customers calls and sings the Barry Manalow song OHHHH MANDY! She just brightens my day each time I hear from her!

So how do Lala and Dean feel about Mandy? In Lala’s own words, “I can’t live without her!” I think that says it all.

Thanks for all your hard work, Mandy. We love and appreciate you!

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