5 Simple Steps

I remember the first time we experienced a water-damage in our home: I woke up and made my way to the kitchen, only to step in a still pool of water about three inches deep. A broken pipe from the kitchen had flooded our hallway. Needless to say, it was a very scary moment – a few hundred of our prized books were sitting on shelf, already soaking and swelling with water. As scared as I was, I tried not to panic. We were able to turn off the water-main, thus stopping the flow of more water into our home. Then we contacted Specialized Cleaning Technologies. With the assurance that the professionals were on the way, we began carefully removing our books from the affected area.

The following five simple steps are written to help you at the moment you have a water damage, so you can avoid confusion and get the remediation process going.

1. Use caution: Water on the floors may be slippery and electrically-charged. Shut off power to all flooded areas.

2. Locate the source of the flooding. You may have to shut off the water-supply to your home.

3. Call Specialized Cleaning Technologies, your local water-damage restoration experts, as soon as possible: 661-834-4444

4. Contact your insurance agent.

5. Be proactive in the restoration process: Remove any personal belongings such as books, clothing and other moisture-sensitive items to a dry place. Remove furniture from flooded area, and wipe-down to prevent water-damage. (If you cannot move the furniture, place blocks under them to elevate above water-level.)

Of course, we can get into much more detail about what you can do to help your home/belongings before the restoration experts arrive. But for now, we’d like you to remember just these simple steps.

Join us next week as we go over the best way to remove/salvage your personal belongings from a flooded room.

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