Saving Your Stuff

Your home is your refuge. Your stuff – furniture you’ve lovingly cared for over the years, books you’ve collected, all the things that fill your home and make it distinctly yours – they have value far beyond dollars. It’s no surprise then, that when a disaster like fire or water damage occurs in your home, it can turn your life upside down.

Over the years, we’ve seen and worked with thousands of people, helping them through the challenges of restoring their home and belongings after a disaster. Today we’ll take a closer look at water damage, and what you can do to help preserve your stuff, even as SCT technicians are on the way.

As we stated in the previous post, the very first step is to make sure that it’s safe to be in your home. (For example, a water damage caused by broken sewage pipes may be a health hazard.) Once you’ve made sure it’s safe, you can proceed.

How to save your stuff

There is a proper way to go about saving your stuff. First, try to salvage the things that are most important to you. (These might be irreplaceable photographs, heirlooms, handmade items, etc.) It’s common to try to save the things which are most damaged. We suggest avoiding those things. Instead, we think it’s better to salvage items that are least damaged, or are in danger of being damaged. For example: If all the books at the bottom of the bookcase are soaking wet, leave them alone. Begin removing the books the next shelf up and so on. This way, you prevent further damage to your belongings. The idea is to salvage as many things as possible, before they become irreparably damaged.

Leave it to the professionals

Once SCT arrives at your home, our certified technicians will do the necessary work of extracting standing water, setting fans and dehumidifiers, and drying your home.

Why is it important to quickly dry out a water damaged home and belongings? To prevent mold and fungus. Mold and fungus thrive in moist environments, and once they take a foothold in your home, it gets serious. This is why it’s necessary to call water damage remediation experts, like SCT. And by following the simple guidelines above, you can play a big part in saving your stuff.

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