Improve Indoor Air-Quality With Houseplants

Did you know that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air? For obvious reasons: Indoor air is often “trapped”, AC/heating unit filters are not cleaned often enough, mold growth, furniture/paint leaking chemicals, dust, allergy-causing micro-particulates, etc. Aside from the occasional top-to-bottom house, carpet, and air-duct cleaning, there is something you can do to noticeably improve the air-quality in your home: A study by NASA has confirmed that a few tried and true houseplants actually purify indoor air!


Here are a few of the varieties that recycle and purify toxins from the air. (NASA recommends one plant per 100sqft of living space. That means if your house is 1800sqft, you should have at least 18 of the plants listed below. Read more here.)

– Dieffenbachia
– Weeping Fig/Ficus
– English Ivy
– Spider Plant
– Pothos
– Rubber Plant
– Palms
– Ferns
– Peace Lily
– Money Plant
– Snake Plant

Note: If you have pets or small children, safety is always a factor. Some houseplants are toxic if ingested by pets or people. Please research each plant before bringing it home, to make sure it’s safe for your household.

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