Cleaning 101: Dusting

Welcome to Specialized Cleaning Technology’s ongoing series on how to clean your house like a pro! Our goal is to give you helpful tips on how to clean your home and keep it clean. Part One is all about dusting. What’s so special about dust, you ask? Good question!

What is dust?

Dust consists mainly of dead skin cells, lint, animal dander, dust mites, dust mite droppings, pollen, and other particles. In essence, dust is gross. It causes allergies. It looks ugly and it is ugly.

As long as we live and breathe there will be dust in our homes. But we can limit where it hides. Clutter is a haven for dust. Dust loves little knick knacks, picture frames, books, and just about anything that is displayed for long periods of time.

The dust solution:

Declutter surfaces. You don’t have to display every porcelain frog you’ve collected over the years, or frame every school photo from kindergarten to college graduation. Be selective about what you display! Think of collectibles, pictures, books, and other knick knacks as you would holiday decor: display them seasonally and selectively, or in the case of books, based upon what you’re actually reading at the time. Get rid of old magazines promptly, and don’t keep things just because you think you have to. We’re not suggesting you go minimalist and remove all pretty objects from your home! Quite the contrary: if you’re more selective about your decor pieces, you’ll get to enjoy them more because they’ll stand out. And because there are fewer objects on surfaces, dust will have fewer places to settle and hide. (It’s worth noting: studies show that a clutter-free home promotes tranquility and peace of mind!)

Without a doubt, regular cleaning will keep dust at bay.


Microfiber rags are the best for attracting and cleaning dust. SCT loves them! Disposable static-charged feather dusters have come a long way in their ability to attract and hold dust, and they definitely have their place, but they are better for casual dusting. For serious dusting, go with a microfiber rag.

Dealing with dust:

1. Start from the top and work your way down. That means, if you have ceiling fans or high bookcases, start there. The floors should be the last thing you clean after a good dusting session.

2. Vacuum mats, rugs, and runners regularly. If you have hard flooring, make sweeping a part of your daily ritual. A great deal of dust and dirt are tracked into the house from outside. Taking care to quickly clean and limit the dirt we bring in will keep your home cleaner, longer.

3. Keep pets clean and well-groomed. Pet dirt and dander is a big part of dust, so make sure Fluffy is well-brushed, and Fido gets his bath (especially after he’s been outside for long periods!)

4. Get an air purifier with a HEPA filter. They’re expensive, but they work. (And they make the room smell better.)

Don’t forget:

Furniture, drapes, and light-fixtures are often neglected when it comes to dusting. But these things often sit for long periods, collecting tons of dust! Vacuum furniture and drapes, and polish light-fixtures regularly.

* * *

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first installment of ‘Cleaning 101′ with Specialized Cleaning Technologies! Join us again soon for more ways to get (and keep) your house clean!

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  1. Melissa says:

    This was great! Loved it! Very informative and yet fun. :)

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