Meet SCT: Tomas

One of our goals with the start of this blog is to introduce to you the people who make Specialized Cleaning Technologies the great company that it is.

If you’ve called SCT for emergency water-damage restoration in your home or business, chances are, you’ve met Tomas. Tomas is the go-to guy (Mr. Supervisor) for water-damage restoration and mold abatement. He’s committed to excellent customer service, and to getting the job done right. (I know, because he told me, and because his track record of excellence and dedication proves it.)

Tomas – the Stats

Years with SCT: 7
Position: Supervisor
Hobbies: Working out, spending time with family, watching movies
What he likes most about working for SCT: “I have 2 great bosses. They always make me feel like I’m part of the company. Overall I love the work that I do. I take pride in taking care of the customer and insurance company. Making sure both parties are satisfied with the work.”

When asked how the owners, Dean and Lala Lathan, feel about Tomas, the response was simple: “When you hire someone to go out into the field and represent your business, you are taking a big chance. How someone works and how they treat people is a reflection of your business. With Tomas, there’s a lot of pride and dedication. He works hard and he’s committed to getting things done. He really makes SCT shine.”

I think that says it all! We love Tomas. And we’re happy to have him in the SCT family.

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House-Fires: a preventable tragedy

It’s late May, and that means summer’s right around the corner. Here in California’s San Joaquin Valley, we can expect lots of dry heat (and massive electrical bills with the AC unit running almost 24 hours a day.)

View of the hills off Lake Ming Road, Bakersfield

Summer in Southern California is synonymous with fire. Brush fires, forest fires, and of course, house fires. After so many years in the business, we have seen enough to know that house fires can be a preventable tragedy. We have walked through enough blackened rooms – seen domestic spaces that once provided comfort and refuge, reduced to soot and ash. And even though we’re in the business of fire-damage restoration, nothing really diminishes the sadness of a house fire. So please take a moment and look over our tips on house-fire prevention:

Never leave your cooking unattended. Grease fires happen in a flash, so don’t get distracted when you’re cooking. And be sure to keep combustibles, like potholders and towels, away from the stove.

Do not smoke in your house. Careless smoking is a major cause of fire, whether you’re driving along and you flick the cigarette butt onto the highway, or you accidentally set your bedroom curtains aflame when you doze off. Please be careful when you smoke, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. And of course, always put out your cigarette in a designated ashtray.

Clean your dryer lint traps daily. Clogged and dirty lint traps are ripe for combustion, so always keep your lint traps clean. A good rule of thumb for dryer safety is, never leave your house when the dryer is running. We have seen too many house-fire cases that were the result of unattended dryers.

Unplug unused electrical appliances. After every use, unplug appliances like toasters, hair-dryers, waffle-irons, etc. This is also a good way to save on electricity, because even if you’re not using an appliance, it is still drawing power when it’s plugged in.

Never leave candles unattended. Candle-burning is more than just a winter thing. We all enjoy a fragrant candle now and then. Please do not leave candles burning unattended! If you’re in the living room, do not burn a candle in the bedroom. And of course, never leave the house before you’ve made sure all candles have been properly extinguished.

Dispose of combustible materials properly. Never leave rags and towels that have been soaked in combustible chemicals outside. Do not throw ash from the grill into your garbage bin. Learn about the proper way to dispose of combustible materials. Remember, all it takes is a spark…

For further reading on house-fire prevention, check out the National Fire Protection Association’s website. They have a fantastic selection of printable ‘tip sheets’ for fire-prevention and safety. You can find them here.

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Closeup – SCT

Happy Tuesday!

We started this blog in hopes of sharing some useful information about home-disaster prevention, home cleaning tips and tricks, and just some fun behind the scenes information about SCT. So what is SCT/Specialized Cleaning Technologies, anyway? (You asked for it.)

SCT was the brainchild of Dean and Lala Lathan. (Lala’s the brunette. She’s sometimes blond too.)

Prior to entering the disaster restoration field, Dean was a paramedic (and a darn good one – for over a decade.) Lala worked in management, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows her. (The woman means business.) Somewhere in between all that they met and fell in love and started SCT. In their kitchen.

You read that right.

For over a year, the SCT headquarters was the Lathan residence. Drying fans filled the garage, and their very first truck was parked out front. The dining room table served as the main office desk. Fast forward eleven years, and SCT is one of Kern County’s most respected and sought-after disaster restoration businesses.

But the one thing that really sets SCT apart – the thing that we’re all so very proud of – SCT is still a local, ‘mom & pop’ company. Dean and Lala are as involved in their business as ever. They visit customers, go to job sites, take phone calls and generally speaking, give all aspects of their business the personal touch. It’s no wonder we’re all one big happy family here!

We welcome your comments and questions. Please join us again next Tuesday for some house flood/fire prevention tips!

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We’re springing into spring with a tribute to Mom! May 13th is Mother’s Day, and we’re all about the perfect gift. And what could be better than making Mom’s life just a little easier? That’s where SCT comes in:

We’re offering a rare and truly great deal for a great Lady: Two hours of housecleaning by two SCT professionals, for only $150! (That’s the equivilant of four hours of cleaning, regularly priced at $225.00!) This deal is unbeatable, and with the quality of service you’ve come to expect from Specialized Cleaning Technologies, you can’t go wrong.

And remember, at SCT we focus on your needs – or in this case, Mom’s needs! Here are some areas we can focus on to help her out:

– cleaning/dusting of ceiling fans
– detail polish of cabinets
– detail cleaning of inside of cabinets
– detail clean and sanitizing of bathrooms

Give us a call at (661) 834-4444, and let us know what you’d like us to do for Mom! The Mother’s Day Special is valid throughout the month of May, so be sure to take advantage of this great deal!

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Welcome to the new SCT website

Thank you for visiting. We’ve been working hard making this website informative and useful. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve usability. Feel free to ask questions. In the near future we are planning a Questions section where you can get answers to your cleaning and restoration concerns.

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